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ProForm Kicking

ProForm Virtual Private Training

Your only online coaching source for the most effective and efficient way of kicking...backed by science!

Intro Video

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For as long as kickers and punters have been working with Mike Hollis and learning the ProForm Kicking philosophies, there's been some unique perspectives in ways to describe what it is that sets ProForm apart from any and all other kicking methods. 

Why is ProForm so special? 

How does one begin to describe the philosophical ceiling of kicking? The profound blend of fluidity, perfected ratios, and efficient biomechanics? There’s an intrinsic connection to the aesthetics of the universe within the mathematical laws that make everything the way that it is. From the very structure of an atom, to the spiraling arms of the Milky Way, the ratios of your own anatomical composition, to the crystalline formation pattern of a simple, yet complex snowflake…there is an incredible scientific connection to ProForm! 

What athletes have discovered on their own ProForm journey is that the architecture of the Universe and everything in it, abides by the rules and laws of these precise mathematical ratios. Simply put, ProForm is connected at every detectable interval to these ratios, and therefore is the only kicking method in the world with absolutely no compensations.

Look, if ProForm doesn’t blow your mind...nothing will!

Virtual Instruction Options:

Because of the complexity of "ProForm" kicking methods,

we require a minimum of 10 instructional sessions.

**Live Virtual Classroom Lessons:

 - 1 Session, 90 Minutes$180.00

  • This is the initial virtual meeting, in which ProForm Kicking philosophies will be shared and compared to athlete's current video (provided by that athlete).

 - 10 Sessions, 60 Minutes each, $100.00/session 

  • This option consists of 60 MINUTE session(s) of virtual "classroom" setting instruction.

ProForm Kicking Academy

Sports Edge - Duval

8457 Western Way
Jacksonville, FL.  32256

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Mailing Address

P.O. Box 51325

Jacksonville Beach, FL.


(904) 625-5893 - Coach Mike Hollis

(904) 477-8115 - Coach Jim Gaetano

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