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General Services:

Evaluations - With basic instructions specific to athlete's needs.

  • Athletes interested in getting this evaluation will be able to showcase their skills (kicking, punting, and/or snapping) for 30 minutes. We will offer some basic fundamental instruction and then give our professional opinions and suggestions with regards to the potential of the athlete.

Kicking, Punting, Field Goal Holding, and/or Long/Short Snapping instruction.

  • Students will be analyzed and given skill instructions specific to their needs in order to maximize potential.

Video replay study, review & critique, mental training techniques, and Q & A's.

  • Students will be able to learn visually through a unique video training software system by watching videos of their own kicking form and comparing them to prior kicking sessions as well as pro kicker and punter "models." Throughout these video review sessions, students will learn to take visual learning and transform this knowledge into physical learning on the field. They will ultimately get more of an understanding as to exactly what they are doing physically...correct and incorrect.