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ProForm Kicking

"Playing in a total of 132 NFL games in 8 seasons (including playoffs), scoring 949 career points, with an overall field goal percentage of 80.6% (88.9% in career playoffs), standing 5'7" tall and 180lbs, I'd say that my success was a direct result of my trusted 'Pro'Form technique!" ProForm Kicking Academy teaches kicking and punting philosophies that are NOT common among many other kicking camps out there! Even other NFL kickers say that ProForm Kicking's technique is 'the most unique kicking and punting philosophy' they've ever seen! We are VERY detailed and teach the most effective and efficient kicking and punting fundamentals that will, without a doubt, make ANY dedicated and disciplined kicker and/or punter reach their ultimate personal full potential!

"I know from personal experience...who would have ever thought that a guy my size with very average athletic abilities, would be able to become All-Pro at the highest level of football in the World?"   Mike Hollis, Retired 9 Year NFL All-Pro Kicker.

"In my 19 years of playing in the NFL, Mike Hollis is one of the few coaches I have encountered that I trust. Mike has been extremely successful at every level, so when an NFL All-Pro talks, I listen. I have kicked with Mike Hollis, competed with Mike Hollis, and coached camps with Mike Hollis. Mike has a coach's eye. As a player, Mike's technique was flawless. As a coach, Mike's attention to detail is unparalleled in the industry. If you want to be great, to train like the pros, to control the mental game, to dial-in your technique, to max-out your potential, then Mike Hollis is your Coach."  John Carney - One of the greatest kickers in the history of the NFL, playing 23 years!  John was a great mentor for Mike in 1994 during the San Diego Chargers pre-season...preparing Mike for a successful NFL career.


Train with retired NFL All Pro Kicker Mike Hollis and the man who taught him everything he knows, NFL Kicking Coach Jim Gaetano!  CLICK HERE to see all the wonderful recommendations for Mike Hollis and ProForm Kicking, ranging from former NFL players, to current and former PFKA students, to successful businessmen!

Check out the athletes who are traveling from all parts of the country to work with ProForm Kicking Academy in Jacksonville Florida!  Click Here!

With the affiliation of Sports Edge - Duval, ProForm Kicking Academy offers one of the most...

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detailed kicking, punting, and long/short snapping academies in the nation. With the ability to train within a private environment inside a 75,000 square foot sports facility, all athletes can train year around...despite the weather conditions! This environment also allows the athlete to focus on form and technique, maximizing the potential for perfecting their swing. Unlike many other camps out there, ProForm Kicking Academy focuses on the many very specific attributes that are involved within each swing of the kick. Much like the golf swing, there are a number of problematic issues that need to be addressed on a consistent basis. It takes very experienced coaches to identify each of these specific movements and correct them when needed. The ProForm Kicking coaches have 35+ combined years of recognizing proper and improper movements within the kicking and punting motions...not only by visually seeing them, but by experiencing them as well. Both coach Hollis and coach Gaetano have kicked thousands of footballs at ALL levels of football and have learned to identify and correct any problems they have encountered. That is what separates an average kicker from a great kicker...and ProForm Kicking Academy will assist in that transformation!

ProForm Kicking Academy

Sports Edge - Duval

8457 Western Way
Jacksonville, FL.  32256

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Mailing Address

P.O. Box 51325

Jacksonville Beach, FL.


(904) 625-5893 - Coach Mike Hollis

(904) 477-8115 - Coach Jim Gaetano

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