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"After 20 years of NFL retirement and recently becoming the oldest Professional Football player in America at the age of 50, I'd say that my success was a direct result of my trusted 'Pro'Form technique! Standing 5'7" tall and 180lbs with very average athletic abilities, who would have ever thought that a guy like me would have been able to become an All-Pro at the highest level of football in the World? This incredibly effective and efficient technique allowed me to play 132 games in 9 NFL seasons, score 949 career points, with an overall field goal percentage of 80.6% (88.9% in career playoffs)."   Mike Hollis, Retired 9-Year NFL All-Pro Kicker, Head Coach ProForm Kicking.

ProForm Virtual Training!

Our 2024 Annual ProForm Virtual Training Program is underway!  Please remember that all sessions are recorded, you can still sign up! Any athlete that registers for this program after the starting date will still benefit tremendously from this program!

This program is available to ALL athletes, including local.


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We specialize in simplifying the process of kicking and punting by eliminating extra motions and movements that do more harm than good.  This while maximizing the athlete's personal potential by using 100% of their body, while increasing trust in the technique and maximizing mental abilities.  Coach Mike Hollis will explain in detail why so many kickers out there are exerting way too much energy and strength while kicking.  There really is the BEST way to kick and punt a football, ProForm is the way!

"ProForm Kicking has taught me how to kick the right way. I knew that if I wanted to reach my full and untapped potential, I would have to become completely open to change. I saw the ball going higher, straighter, and farther, with less effort and more control after just a few lessons. If you're just starting out or an old dog looking to change, then look no further. It wasn't easy but I sacrificed what I knew and put faith in the form. Mike and Jim have added years to my career, and with the form, I'm confident enough that no one can compete. Do not rely on your own abilities rely on the Lord, he will guide you in your life and your kicking. Be patient and enjoy your journey!"  Nick Novak - 12-year NFL retired kicker. Nick has spent time with the San Diego Chargers, Washington Redskins, Arizona Cardinals, Kansas City Chiefs, Houston Texans, and LA Chargers.


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