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Coach Jim Gaetano
NFL Kicking Coach of 35 Years!

Coach Jim Gaetano is a long-time high school, college, and professional kicking, punting, and snapping coach (15 years with Mike Hollis). Jim was a kicker and graduate of the University of Nevada Las Vegas and has had numerous tryouts with NFL teams. He was able to spend the 1987 preseason with the Kansas City Chiefs, where he spent some time with legendary kicker Nick Lowery. He has coached All-State, All-American, and All-Pro kickers and punters including All-Pro Punter Brian Moorman of the Buffalo Bills as well as Mike Hollis. Jim has been around the game of football and special teams for more than 35 years!

At just 15 years of age, Mike was introduced to Jim's coaching style and was hooked. Throughout high school, college, and the NFL, Jim has been by his side...attending as many practices and games as he could. Jim played a very instrumental role in preparing Mike for college games, NFL tryouts, and ultimately, his entire NFL career.

In 1997, Jim had taken his recruiting experience and guidance to the next level. He became an NFL agent and represented Mike for 7 of the 9 years he was licensed. Throughout this time Jim had established many relationships with college and NFL coaches. Jim has now decided to focus all of his time and energy on coaching the skills involved with Special Teams!